ett hem | stockholm, sweden

About this time last year I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Stockholm for work. Although I was only there about 72 hours (and it rained pretty much the whole time), the city will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks in large part to one of the most amazing places I've ever stayed - Ett Hem. Meant to feel like a home over a hotel, not only is it absolutely beautiful from the inside and out, the hospitality of the staff was nothing short of incredible. The space exudes personality and originality, yet is homely and comforting. The kitchen is meant to be open to guests to help themselves at any time of day or night, and I practically spent all my down time in the Swedish sauna (fully equipped with a hot stone slab - something I never knew I needed in my life, but now absolutely do). 

Every morning for breakfast I was asked how hungry I was and if there was anything I was allergic to. Then the food started coming. Everything sourced locally - fresh berries, fresh goat milk yogurt, homemade muesli, home baked bread, freshly churned butter, hot coffee, avocado (duh), warm night fresh baked pies and cakes and tartes lined the kitchen counter. Working late into the evening was made better with wine and a view of the gorgeous patio. Sleeping made easier post workout and sauna session. 

Stockholm itself was pretty damn amazing, and just a few days was not nearly enough, but should you ever find yourself there, I'd highly recommend treating yourself to at least a night at Ett Hem - one of the most magical places I've ever been lucky enough to stay.