wild and the moon | paris, france

I resisted trying Wild & the Moon for the last year or so now.  I'm regretting that now, because this place is the best.

I travel to Paris often for work, and for the past year or so this place has been talked about by nearly everyone I work with - which, to be honest, is why I resisted.  I'm not really one for the most trendy places, especially in Paris.  I have my few go-to's while I'm in town, usually places I frequented while I lived here.  Not only is the food typically pretty awesome, but I'm a creature of habit, and the nostalgia makes me feel at home.  Also, I'm going to be honest, I don't love to see people I work with outside of work (there are exceptions, and you know who you are), therefore, I don't love going to places everyone is clearly at all the time.  BUT, after almost a full two months of being away from home and eating every. single. meal. out, I was dying for something a bit healthier - and from what I had heard Wild & the Moon was the place.  

It did not disappoint.

Not only was the decor super cute and welcoming - plants everywhere, rustic wood tables - but the food, juices and coffee were just what I needed.  Something a bit more fresh in a city filled with heavy cream, butter and cheese (which, don't get me wrong, I LOVE). The Moon Porridge is a must try, as is the Blue Moon smoothie.  And (surprise, surprise) my favorite thing on the menu - the Coffee Latte - espresso (duh, necessary) with homemade almond milk and coconut milk? Yes please.  (Don't worry though fellow Americans, they also have American style drip coffee for take away too - #winning).

Shall you be traveling to Paris in the near future (or ever), definitely stop by this place at least once, you won't regret it.