cafe grumpy | new york, new york

One of my all time favorite coffee shops in NYC is Cafe Grumpy.  Not only is their coffee damn good, but the people are great, the vibes are chill, and the best part? They don't allow laptops.  I know, not always ideal, but it's one of the reasons I love it so much. It's a bit strange these days to go somewhere and see people actually talking, making friends, reading, and physically writing instead of typing away.  It's a bit incredible what kind of vulnerability such a seemingly unimportant rule draws out, but in this day and age, when we're all so used to hiding behind the screens of our phones, laptops, tablets, etc., (guilty of this as well, and doing it currently), it really is great to drop that habit, even if only for a few minutes.  Sitting with a coffee and a good book (or my notebook) at their Chelsea location has become one of my favorite ways to start the work day.  Sure, getting up before the sun isn't always awesome, but in the city that never sleeps, or quiets, I've found that some good, quality time away from a computer is a pretty awesome way to stay in the present, at least for a few moments.


pay them a visit at any of their locations below:

greenpoint: 193 meserole ave

park slope: 383 7th ave

chelsea: 224 w 20th st

lower east side: 13 essex st

fashion district: 200 w 39th st

grand central terminal: 89 e 42nd st

nolita: 177 mott st

or at their roastery: 199 diamond st, bk