happy new year, 2019 edition.

Last year my plan was to post my new years resolutions here, online, for all to see, so that I would remember them and follow them. Looking back at that post (for the first time since I wrote it), I did not succeed. However, it wasn’t all a complete failure. Although I still have a boatload of work to do on many of the things I said I was going to do in 2018 (hello, saying no and apologizing for everything), I think that just putting those words down and saying them out loud set some great intentions for the year, whether they were fully followed through on or not.

I had really high hopes for 2018, and although it didn’t quite live up to my expectations (expectations, really, being the main problem here), it wasn’t so terrible. I joined the work force full time again, started teaching yoga at an incredibly gorgeous and welcoming new studio. I had the opportunity to travel far and wide, checking off two new countries, one new continent, and countless new cities - including some places that will now forever be dear to my heart: Ecuador, Mexico City, Copenhagen and Death Valley, to name a few. I found comfort in old friends, joy in new friends and support in my family. I broke out of my comfort zone (a few times), learned new things, saw (some of) the world and even began using my kitchen. This is all to say that 2018 wasn’t as much as a dumpster fire as the daily grind, and news, had me feeling like it was some days.

I like New Years. Not the going out, dressing up and spending loads of money for what usually amounts to be an extra crowded but relatively standard (albeit glitter filled) night out. In fact, I spent this New Year’s Eve alone, at home, with wine and old reruns of “Parts Unknown” for some 2019 inspiration -and it was glorious. But with New Years, I like the prospect of new beginnings and opportunities. A chance to kind of start over, or at least start some things anew. It’s a moment we all collectively take to look at the past, learn from the year before, and enter a new chapter with renewed hope, drive and energy (even if it only lasts a couple days).

So, in the spirit of new beginnings and all that, my 2019 resolutions below. TBD if I’ll look at this again between now and 2020, but here’s to trying. (Also please share yours below as well so I can potentially steal them, thx)

Let go of the guilt when saying no

Sleep more, drink more water (and less booze)

Read at least one book per month (leave recs in the comment section below, pls)

Learn more French (honestly, it’s pathetic)

Cook at least 3 times a week

Speak up more, and let go of the fear of being wrong

Protect my energy

Ask more questions

Volunteer at least once a month

Put the goddamn phone down and be present

Well, 2018, it’s been real, but good fucking riddance.