thank you. i love you.

About a week ago I wrote my first post. I woke up Wednesday morning upset, angry, emotional. I felt betrayed by my own country, by friends and family that I know woke up thrilled that morning. I felt helpless, distraught, confused. So I wrote. I told my story. And in it we're things I hadn't told my friends, family, closet confidants. For that, I am sorry.

I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner. I'm sorry that I felt ashamed, embarrassed. I'm sorry that it took me this long to be honest. I'm sorry for the hurt that you feel because of it.

I'm sorry for those that are going through the same thing, and for those that aren't.  I'm sorry for those that also feel helpless, angry, betrayed.  I'm sorry for those that don't.  I'm sorry that this past week has brought out such hatred and division, and I'm sorry for all of the millions of people that will feel the wrath of it.

But I'm also thankful. I'm thankful that it's been said. I'm thankful for the astounding amount of love and support I've received. I'm thankful that I now feel like I can move on. I'm thankful for all of the stories you've shared with me in solidarity, to know that I'm not the only one. I''m thankful that I've learned to take my body back. To reclaim it as mine and use it in a positive way through the practice and teaching of yoga. I'm thankful for my incredible network of family, friends, yogis, that love unconditionally and make each day better than the last. I'm thankful to wake up happy.

I'm not brave. But I am strong. We are strong, and we are stronger together. I wrote last week to tell my side, to let others know that they aren't alone, to explain the hurt, sadness, anger and betrayal I felt watching those results roll in. I write this week from a place of pride. Pride in those I hold close to my heart for who they are, for their values, for their desire to start creating change in the world.

I also write now from a place of love. Love for everyone in my life. Love for those I haven't met that are going through what I did. Love for those I haven't met that aren't. Because right now, what else can we do?