time for some positive vibes.

Full disclosure: I've been a little down lately. Traveling almost the entire month of January has been more than exhausting, and having to ditch my normal schedule while gone has been a struggle. As much as I love getting to see the world, being away from home so often is not as easy or as glamorous as my Instagram might make it seem. Plus, this added stress of having an incompetent and childish president has taken more of a toll than I thought it would. When you read daily the horrendous decisions being made by our government, it's hard to stay positive.

Earlier this week, due to unforeseen circumstances with shipping and customs here in France, I found a few free hours (read: had no choice) in the early morning the other day to get some practice in, and I immediately felt exponentially better. It's amazing how just a small amount of movement, quiet, breathing and physical challenge can shift your perspective.

Here's to keeping that vibe going.