enough is enough.

Words can't describe the heartbreak I have been feeling over the tragic event that took place in Las Vegas last night. Heartbreak for the victims, for their friends and family, for the artists who will never look at performing the same again, for the emergency personnel and first responders having to see such tragedy, for our country, for the lack of progress we make no matter how many mass shootings we see.

Although we will never truly know the motive behind why this man decided to go on a killing spree, we do know a couple of things. We know that, without a doubt, hate is behind this horrific act. It always is. We know that, without a doubt, he was calculated. He came to kill. We know that this is not the first mass shooting, nor will it be the last. We know that should the killer have been anyone other than a straight white man, the narrative surrounding what happened would be much different. And finally, we know that there are still good in people. Those on the scene risking their lives to help others. Those standing in line for hours to donate blood. Those doing all they can to help.

We need a change. There is absolutely no reason why any regular citizen should have access to an AK-47 (or 10). There is no reason for civilians to be armed. There is no reason to block common sense gun laws. There is no reason for an automatic weapon to have a silencer. There is no reason this mass amount of blood shed needs to continue. Yes, I am aware that the right to bear arms was written into the constitution. In 1791. Times have changed. Technology has changed. Weaponry has changed. Humans have changed. It's time our laws change to reflect this. Of course, this will never prevent all violent acts. There will still be murder. There will still be violence. There will still be hate. But we can help slow it down, help prevent future attacks, help reduce the murder rate, help keep guns away from domestic violence offenders, help keep automatic weapons away from the next mass murderer. Please, do your part to help stop this nonsense. Call your senators, call your representatives, get involved, donate, speak up. 

Here's a super easy how-to guide for contacting your reps. Expressing heartbreak isn't enough. Prayers aren't enough. It's (way past) time for action. 

And finally, love. Live your life with compassion. Be kind. Be open. Be understanding. Be generous. Recognize diversity and praise it. Recognize the strength we have when we come together as one, rather than as a divided population. Help others. Give back. Hug your family. Do not take any single day for granted. 


If you are looking for loved ones in the Las Vegas area call 1-866-535-5654

If you are able to, donate blood, or donate money to the verified GoFundMe campaign collecting for the victims.