running a half marathon, one thought at a time.

Pre race: "Is putting on two different shoes and having to go all the way back home to change a good enough excuse to bail and go back to bed?"

Mile 1: "I love having friends to run with, this is going to be so fun!"

Mile 2: "I really wish I would have made a playlist."

Mile 3: "Damn my friends are fast, I wonder how I can sneak away from them"

Mile 4: "Shit, I really have to shit"

Mile 5: "What kind of knee pain is good and what kind is bad?"

Mile 6: "I'm so glad I won't be able to walk for the next week, I needed an excuse to catch up on Master of None"

Mile 7: "More than halfway there! This isn't bad at all!"

Mile 8: "I wonder how much I can eat without judgement after this"

Mile 8.5: "Are we there yet?"

Mile 9: "Kill me"

Mile 9.25: "Kill me"

Mile 9.5: "Kill me"

Mile 9.75: "KILL ME"

Mile 10: "There are my parents! ...I wonder if they'll mercy kill me?"

Mile 11: "Well, I guess I probably should have trained"

Mile 12: "One more then beer"

Mile 12.5: "Beer"

Mile 13: "FUCK YES"

Post Race: "Whens the next one?"