While posting one of my many yoga related Instagrams a while back I started to hashtag nodaysoff - and then I stopped.  I realized I didn't exactly know what I meant by that.  No days off of what? Yoga? Nope, take days off that.  Work? Definitely not. Eating healthy? Not a chance.  

So, I decided to challenge myself.  I absolutely hate dieting these days, so I opted out of joining some friends in Whole 30. I also love wine, so dry January wasn't going to happen. But looking at my calendar and realizing it was already February 10 and I had worked out in some form or another every day since the month started (and even prior), I figured why not keep that going.  Dedicating at least part of my day to being active in one of the most brutal months there is (weather and work-wise) didn't sound like the worst idea, and hey, it's one of my favorite past times anyways.  So, my 28 day challenge was born.  (Yes, I know February is the shortest month. No, this is not a coincidence). 

Heres what I learned.

1. It's hard.

Committing to something every single day is hard. Period. The End. Committing to something every single day during fashion month and working 12 hours at the office daily is even harder.  With the minimal hours I had free during the month, making the gym or a class a priority was something that took a couple weeks of getting used to. Forcing it in on days I truly had no time was more than a struggle, and I had some pretty early mornings and late nights just cramming a 30 minute at home yoga session in. But at the end of the day, it was never not worth it.

2. I have my limits.

As much as I assumed that my strength and flexibility would just continue to get better every day, it didn't.  There were days I killed it, and there were days that I absolutely fucking struggled. 

3. I'm really, really hungry.

Always, all the time. And increasing my metabolism through daily workouts did not help. At all.

4. An attractive teacher is a very welcome motivator.

You know who you are....

5. I hate having to explain why.

As I mentioned to others that I was doing "no days off February", the most common response I got was "but, why?".  Although I kind of get this reaction, as I ask the same question to my friends that do dry January or no carb diets, I realized that there is no good, easy answer. Most often I responded with "why not", but really the true reason turned out to be a lot more personal, and not something that can be summed up in a passing conversation. Plus, when doing something that is essentially good for you, spending time moving every day, avoiding nightly glasses of wine, and feeling stronger and more empowered, something about it feels like I shouldn't have to explain why.

6. I can do it.


7. I really don't like branching out of my comfort zone.

I don't. Self admitted creature of habit over here.  One would think in my 28 days I'd try something new here and there, but nope.  Stuck with my tried and true favorites (looking at you Y7 and Shadowbox).

8. Gym buddies help.

Immensely. Anyone want to join me for a class?

9. A good outfit is a great incentive.

Because obviously.  Also, a new good pair of running shoes is kind of a game changer.

10. I feel fucking awesome.

And that's whats most important, am I right?