international women's day

Today is International Women's Day.  It's a little odd to me that in this day in age we still have to have a day dedicated to celebrating women, but alas, here we are.  This year in particular this day seems extra important.  After the Women's March on Washington, women were at the forefront of daily conversation and political thought.  Although it (unsurprisingly) feels as things have slowly since died down from there, they haven't.  We may not be as loud and obnoxious, filling the streets with clever signs and pink hats - but this is all due to our need to get back to work, brace for impact, and ignite change from creating policy, having conversations, running for office, and getting our voices heard from the ground up.  

Yet today is not just International Women's Day.  It's also become A Day Without A Woman.  Women across the US are striking today to show the enormous value that women have on our local and global socio-economic system - despite the lower pay, discrimination, sexual harassment, and social stigma surrounding women in the workplace, particularly working mothers.  This is important.  Women are important.  And we will continue to work and fight and do our jobs, both daily and in the effort to fix these inequalities.  We will not be silenced, and we will grab back. 

However, I know that not going to work just isn't an option for most of us (including myself), so, below is list of ways you can still get involved and show solidarity without ditching the office.  Feel free to add your other suggestions below - and to quote my personal hero, Beyonce - "let's get in formation".

1. Donate to a women's organization such as NOW or Planned Parenthood - these non-profits could use your help now more than ever.

2. Don't shop - unless it's at a business ran by women (or any other minority group, for that matter - we're all in this together)

3. Talk about it at work.  Make your worth known.

4. Get social. Spread the word, and spread the facts. (And check out the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report to get them)

5. Join a rally or march in your city on your lunch break or after work. (Find local events here)

6. Wear red: it signifies "revolutionary love and sacrifice" and is a noted color historically associated with the labor movement.

7. Boycott traditional gender roles. You might have to go to work, but I bet the cleaning, dishes and laundry can wait a day.

8. Call your representatives. Tell them what's up. Seriously, do it, it helps.

9. Men: show your support too. Help in defying stereotypes by doing some of those traditionally female centric tasks. Voice your support. Talk to your peers.  Don't complain when your colleague strikes today.

10. Most importantly, show love and gratitude. We have a long way to go, but we've come a long way.  Show pride for what you've accomplished in your life. Speak with love and compassion, not anger and hatred.  Fight, but fight with optimism for the future, not pessimism for the present.

Enjoy your day off ladies, we got this.